Fan for circulation- if you have one and are happy let me know variable speed+min 50CFU


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I am looking for a small fan that has variable speeds, moves at least 50cfm, and can be plugged in to AC.

Here are some parts to build one (maybe need to tweak one or two variables) and just representative of what I am thinking, if the power source/fan speed controls, and safety grills aren't exact it's just a matter of finding a slightly different model.

BUT- if anyone knows of a "ready to go" setup that doesn't need to be all ordered separately, please let me know. I would like to be able to mount in the cage but putting it on top would be OK for now too.
One of our sponsors has a fan but it doesn't move a lot of air, doesn't appear to be variable.

Any ideas or sources?


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Hey there.. I have this one on the top of mine pulling air up and out of the enclosure. It is only a low speed though at 23 cfm. But maybe they have another one closer to what you want. This particular one does plug in to AC rather then USB.

I got this to put in between the screen and the fan so it does not vibrate.
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