Faly pics

His yellowing is phenomenal!! You don't see too many Falys with that real wide range of yellow on their face. That and matching the blue green mixture, he's just gorgeous! And he looks extremely healthy. He's a beaut!
Thank you Kevin & Bully. He was def lovin the sun in those pics. Heck so was I, I spent a good 1/2 hr out there with em. It was sooo nice just chilling catching some rays. Def makes you feel better after a cold cpl of months.
Thanks Ray, Wilson, Jann, and anyone else I missed. Sherlocks' first clutch with Ayva will hatching real soon. Its been cooking for 6 months. So i figure maybe 2 more months on those. I think Im starting to see a little growth in the eggs. I cant wait to see how his offspring turn out. :D
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