Fabric Leaves


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I've just bought some foliage off ebay,


It came in the post today, its brilliant for making the cage more denser with foiliage , so my cham should feel safer, but as its made out of a type of fabric when i spray them with water tehy just soak up the water and done really told large drops on them., so i dont think my cham will find it easy to drink from., Has anyone else had this problem? will it be okay for him to drink from?

it looks nice but chameleons only really drink from the water left by the water spray or by a dripper which is essential for chameleons.My chameleon only seems to drink from the water left on the leaves we have in for her.Personally i would buy plastic plants.
Real plants hold onto water droplets much longer than any artificial ones.
Fake plants are great for filling in the gaps or if you want to hang a vine or something like that.
The majority of the plants in a chameleon enclosure, however, should be live.
Just my humble opinion.

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