eyes closed shut


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i have a veiled chameleon by the name of cypress. i dont know what to do his eyes have remain shut for the last week. i dont know what to do and i cant find any vet that would check him out. i am really worried for the reason that he not eating. please if any one has any ideas please contact me thank you.:(
You are right to be worried about your chameleon. When behaving as you describe, they are almost always in very poor health. The only real option at this point is to visit a vet; if not, the odds are very high that your cham will not make it. You can get good advice here on how to improve your setup and other husbandry related issues, but these would be part of your cham's recovery, not part of a cure.

[THREAD=67]Check out these links for help on finding a vet[/THREAD].
yeah, this is NOT good and a vet is definitely in order. Look at the link Brad gave for vet listings, they are by state, country etc. Where do you live?
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