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For the past few months my panther has had this smallish lump on one of his eyes, although initially it was worrying it didn't seem to get any bigger or seem to be affecting him so I just left it alone and kept a eye on it.

I have now noticed it seems to of changed slightly almost getting more of a head on it, kinda like a facial spot we might get. And I am still unsure whether it is a cause for concern or not.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks



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my thing always is if no one has a for sure answer i take my veiled to the vet i would if i were u and thats just to be safe.


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Hey my chameleon has similar looking thing dotted over his body including in one eye! Although the vet told me just to up the humidity and to make sure I used purified water which I have done but the lumps have actually grown over time! I'm going to take him back to the vets I will let you know if I find anything out!


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Take him to a vet. Not sure what it is, but if it has not cleared up yet on its own it probably is not going to. Being on the eye I'd be concerned about it worsening and damaging vision. Could be a tumor or a cyst or some sort of infection, but likely needs vet care.
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