Eye Inflammation?


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A little background: Chameleonaire is a 10 month old, female veiled cham. Her habitat is 36" long, 12" deep and 26" high, with a glass front and back, and screen sides. I have also added about a foot square extension filled with sand for when she needs to lay.
She receives water daily from a little rain device that I made for her, and her diet consists of gutloaded crickets and superworms, with clacium supplement added to the crickets once a week.

Having said all that, she has recently (within the last couple days) developed two things that I am somewhat concerned about. I have an appt on Monday with a vet I found through HerpVetConnection.com, but I was wondering if you guys could give me a little heads up on what to expect. The first thing I'm concerned about is her right eye has become inflamed, it kinda looks like theres a mini-donut around it. The second thing is this wart/cyst growing on her nose. It's sometimes white, but then it sheds or something and turns green.

Any thoughts?

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