extremely worried.


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Remember my Chameleon with the swollen eye? She was climbing her vines, as my fiance and I were watching, and she fell. Just fell. She wasn't climbing, nothing. When she landed, she landed right on their rock waterfall we made for their house. I feel horrible. She hurt her tail in the process also, the skin is ripped right off. I'm not sure what to do. The petstore said I could return her, but I'm so attached. She was doing so good. :(
This does not sound good :(
The animal needs the immediate help of an emergency veterinarian (hopefully with chameleon or exotic reptile experience). It is disturbing to try and imagine the tail damage from your description. A vet can provide pain meds, help fight off bacteria in the open wounds, and offer suggestions on what to do next.

How long has it been since you purchased the chameleon? Since your pet store is offering to take the animal back, I assume it has not been very long. It is probable that the animal was ill before you purchased it. If you decide to keep the animal, at least make the store refund your money and/or pay for the veterinarian bill. They need to be discouraged from selling animals like this.
We took her to the vet, it doesn't seem good. Apparently they weren't misting her, which caused an eye infection from her trying to shed. I've been misting her like crazy trying to get whatever was in her eye out, but with no luck. We're not sure if she's going to make it due to her injuries with her fall. I feel terrible. She's also missing a finger on her front leg, but that wasn't with me. Poor girl. :( She's the top Cham on my picture.
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