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so I just picked up one of these at a local shop I am excited to use it with my chams


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oh cool. i've been looking at those on-line. i want one. is that the small medium or large?
I think the large they had it on sale for $30 which is great cause I know there normally like $60. I used it today my cham seemed to dig it
yeah there nice i just hung a stick in there with a metal loop tossed some silk worms in and my guy was set for the afternoon:)
I got one for Kal El. He loves it. I bought a bird cage stand to hang it up on. The only problem is it's very hard to get him out. The door is way down at the bottom and the little door on top is too small for me to take him out through. My hubby make a "skeleton" to go inside to give it more stability and for Kal El to hang out on. He also added a round bottom piece for the bottom that he skewed the inside skeleton to.
agreed the door is tiny:( I just put string through the bottom to anchor mine so it wouldnt sway to much. I will have to look at making a skeleton great idea :D
I have one, don't think it's the large, not sure though. It's pretty big to a young chameleon though. They're pretty cool. I originally bought it for mantises, but ended up using it as a carry cage to bring my first Cham home in, and to the vet. Will probably be good for a quick trip out in the sun for Zelig, if the weather hurries up and gets warm before he's huge, that is!!
I wish it had a bigger door though, I originally when i got my first chameleon, i bought a plant to put in it that would have fit the bottom perfectly, but the door was too small to get it in. :(
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