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was gonna buy myself a exo terra fogger and waterfall, anybody had any luck with this or similar products:confused:

let me no before i go wasting money on products that are no good,
i will be buying a mistking but not for a while as initial startup can be expensive(not a problem)
just want the best for my cham
thanx aaron:rolleyes:
I have herd nothing but good things about there waterfalls. they do not splash, and if it dries out it will NOT ruin the pump at all :D
I've heard many bad things about the waterfalls. Granted they look nice but that's about it. I've actually heard that they can attract the chameleon to it for going to the bathroom making it eventually become nothing more then a cesspool.

I have heard good things about the foggers though but you will need to run distilled water in it in order to keep it in working condition.

Zoo Med makes a mister called Habba Mist which isn't bad for a constant supply of moister and humidity but note, it doesn't actually mist. Its more like just a stream of water.

Exo Terra makes a mister called Monsoon which is suppose to be awesome. I never used it personally but have seen pictures of it. When I build my next enclosure, i'm going to use one of those. They are a bit more money then everything else tho but appear to be worth it.
I have had no problems with ethier using normal water??

You should use distilled water in any system. Tap water contains minerals that can eventually clog and corrode the machine. Distilled water is cheap so there really is no reason for not using it.
I had the fogger for about a week and a half until it stopped working. Its a bit pricey for something so temporary, and it was totally annoying to try to set up in a bowl that actually let the fog into the cage.

I have a ReptiFogger now and its pretty cool. I still wish I had a misting system instead, now that I've done some more reading.
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