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Hi guys, ive jus bought an exo terra jungle vines for my cage. Aft unpacking it frm the packaging, i noticed that the vines has little little rubber material that keeps dropping from it. When i rub the vines with my hand, more rubber particles drop from it. So my question is, is it safe for my cham and what should i do to stop the rubber thingy from dropping off frm the vines? Its kinda annoying.
I stopped buying them because of this, but I still have a couple in some enclosures. They do flake off constantly. I haven't had any issues with them rubbing their eyes on them, but others have.

I also noticed if you have them in an enclosure for a very long time, the "bent" areas never can go back straight. You will always have a weird bend in that spot.

For vines I use the Petsmart kind - Flukers Bend a Branch.
Hmmmmmm guess i'll try get the Flukers Bend a Branch vines and compare. I'll jus get rid of the exo terra vine if it do me bad.
Yuuuuuuup I bought two and the same thing happened to me, I mentioned it in a thread I made because my cham was having eye problems and I think the vine was what caused it. I'm always nervous when I see my cham rubbing his eyes against the vine.. I'd think it would be easy for a piece of the vine to get lodged in his turret..but so far so good. And I've seen people using these vines in their enclosures on the forums and that makes me feel better about using them.Also I've just been keeping a watchful eye. I also have a flukers vine and I'd say that it is %100 safer, just my local petstore is sold out. Heres a link to the thread I made https://www.chameleonforums.com/exoterra-vine-leading-eye-problems-115015/
Finally i solved the problem. Hope this could help u guys who gt the same problem as i did. I peeled the rubber thingy and the inside of the vine is a black smooth layer. I still does look like a vine jus without the vine texture and feel. Bt its fine for me. Nw its much safer for my cham. Hope i helped.:):D
Mine doesn't peel off like you said. I have to scrape it off piece by piece and its a pain in the *** :( and it doesn't look that nice
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