Eva's toe nail


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Chameleon Info:
• Your Chameleon – Female Panther Chameleon, I have had her since Dec 12 and she will be turning 1 on 30th of Aug.
• Handling – Every Other day to clean cage, and put her on her FR
• Feeding – Crickets, phoenix worms, solider flies, hornworms, hoppers caught from outside, and a few BB. I gut load using previous postings from Sandra blog.
• Supplements – Cal no/d3 everyday and mulit & cal w/d3 twice a month
• Watering – Mistking various watering’s through out day
• Fecal Description – Normal droppings
• History – Never really had problems with her had here since she was about 4 months old.

Cage Info:
• Cage Type – All screen DIY cage 2x2x4
• Lighting – Two basking spots with 60w bulbs ( so she can bask in different spots of the cage, and the LYR light set up.
• Temperature – Lower level is 68-70, mid level is 74-77 and highest level is 79-82. Temp gauges and temp gun.
• Humidity – Constant 55, spike to just 65 and low is around 45. I have three digital humidity readers
• Plants – One Ficus, and two pothos
• Placement – My cage is in my dining room, and its about 7 ½ ft tall.
• Location – North East PA

Current Problem – Our little girl has messed her toe nail up climbing the cage screen. My question is should I remove it or let it go.


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Toe nail

I can't tell from the picture. Is the nail bent,or is it split.
It probably should be cut (by someone who knows what they are doing)at the base to allow it to grow back in if it is split. I worry with splits that this is an easy access for infection and abcessations

At the very least, you should dip the foot daily in dilute betadine or treat with Zylafen (can get from a reptile vet- Zymox product for reptiles) for a week, or until it heals over

By the way, she's a good looking little girl


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Thank you both very much. I will be scheduling an appointment soon to have it looked at. Once again thank you
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