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I found a great deal on a Eus black screen cage 30Lx18Wx30H for $45. Will this cage work for a female veiled?
A comparison. The 30"x18"x30" in my local pet stores is $149.99. Most retailers on line sell them $60-80. So yes I would call that a good deal. I do agree that is adaquite for a female.
i have 4 of these cages cost $75.00 each and they work ok there are some issues with the pvc bottom that mine leaked water all over when i mist and they can be a problem cleaning mine also started to rust which might be something else then theres the paint on the bottom frame area lifting .
I had these since march 2006
i would say they are worth $45.00

the issue now is that my chameleons are big and the mesh on these esu fresh air are tiny i been concerned about their nails getting caught on it because at times they climb the screen
Fate X maybe since you already have the framing for the sizes that works you could try replacing it with different screening. You could also run thin silicone around the bottom pvc piece. If you have to disassemble again a razor knife would get it seperated and cleaned up nicely.
i already have sealed the pvc bottoms with aquarium sealer and it works very good my brother drilled holes for a drain into a 5 gallon bucket.

i thought about re-screening these cages and i think i'm gonna do it this spring i need mesh and the spline stuff and the spline tool where can i get mesh thats a little bigger then whats on them now ?

these cages work good the way mine are setup at the one end theres a nice shade area with almost no light and theres lots of room.
I went to my local pet store and a lady was going to give the store a one year old male because he keeps tring to bite her and her son. The store didn't take him because they didn't have room so I took him home. I put my female back in her 18x18x36 cage and the male in the 30x18x30. Is this enough room for the male?

Here's an example of the 24x24x48 enclosure made with the 1/16"x1/16" screen. They come with the large upper door as well as a small lower door. The bottom pvc sheet is easily removed. It is listed here at the typical low price of $100. I have some of these. They can be found at many internet stores across the country.

Here's another 24x24x48 enclosure. It has the benefit of a no-charge, optional 1/8"x1/8" screen material. There is a nice coating on the wire that makes it less rough than non-coated screen. It is my understanding that has the screen material custom-made just for them. I have never found anyone else selling enclosures made of it nor have I ever found any source for this exact screen material either. The prices are ok. Their pvc bottoms are screwed in-between the bottom frame and the sides. That screen material is big enough to make it safer for chameleon nails while still being small enough to keep most insects inside. I also have one of these enclosures and I like it. A couple of years ago, when I bought mine, they also offered an optional (for a fee) 2nd, smaller door located at the bottom front. I'm not sure if they offer it as an option anymore but I really like that extra door added to their units.
Mr.Weldon do you sale those acrylic drain pan that you made for your enclosures?

Unfortunately, those acrylic drain pans were extremely labor-intensive not to mention that the material wasn't cheap either (I turned down offers of $100 for them :eek:.) I had high-hopes for one of my contacts to produce a decent drain pan for our enclosures but no luck so far. One of the guys that I worked with on getting a drain pan production going is also one of the screen enclosure manufacturers. He experimented for a while, trying to come-up with a design that was practical to produce but he gave up. I poked around with a plastics mfgr and discovered that it can be very expensive to go that way too. What we need is someone manufacturing in China or someplace like that. Our market volumes are just too low to be of interest to any typical businesses. We also tend to have a "high mix, low volume" profile too. They would need to make several sizes and that hurts the profit margin.
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