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Coda has been showing colors and signs of gravid (tivity?) ness since Nov. 6, She does about 10 rounds every day, going down to the bottom of her cage and actually going into the sand then coming back out to bask. Her colors are very vibrant and at some points her “background” colors get very close to black but not quite. She stopped eating other than eating 1-2 dusted roaches a day. She has a shirt that you use for covering plants incase of a freeze around the “danger sides” of her cage once the enclosure is in a corner, there is an opening at the bottom so the cool air circles out and doesn’t get stuffy. Is there a way for y’all to give me an estimated due date for the eggs? She looks a little plump already. Here is the tarp:

Without the tarp:

And the Beautiful little lady:



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Looking at the top of your cage there doesn’t appear to be much open screen it looks to be covered by lights and plastic container. I don’t see how you can get much air flow. I cover the bottom half of my Panthers cage enough to when I pass by she can’t se me if she is in her lay bin. IMO with the bottom being open and if you walk bye chances are they can be disturbed by the movement below. My Panthers will go off food 2-3 days before laying. Hope this helps.
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