Escape...and capture


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This is interesting in that one can compare the growth/health of a chameleon that has been both captive raised with the best of care and.."loose" shall we say.
I was in the habit of putting Tiki, a six month old Panther from Screameleons, out in the front yard on a shepards hook plant hanger. One day he escaped while I was distracted. I live in Massachusetts and the weather was spring like: some sun, cold rain,wind,some hot and humid. At first I thought Tiki could live out the summer but after a spell of cold nights and rainy days I swithced to looking for a body on the groung instead of a cham in a bush. Plus, I could'nt see how Tiki could catch as many bugs by himself as I bought and fed him everyday.
Three weeks later my elderly neighbor saw a "strange lizard" staring at her from a bush in her yard.
Tiki had grown about two sizes. He was very robust and had a fat tail. He had changed from a small baby to a big strong chameleon.
I was amazed.
Let me try to post before and after pics.


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WOW thats amazing. It reminds me of a show on hogzilla I watched once where tame hogs got out and became feral and grew so much bigger than when raised on a farm.
Back in the early 90's I used to have a pair of monkeytail skinks that had a baby each year. Once, the male escaped and was gone. About 10 days later he was found halfway through a screen door that was left open! He was real hungry and a bit dirty but was ok.
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