Eri silkworms

neil nosy be

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Hi all

Was wondering if any of you had any knowledge of eri silkworms as i cant get hold of normal silkies but have found someone who maybe able to shipp these from the netherlands to spain for me

Many thanks
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I had never heard of Eri Silkworms until I read your post. Found this link that may be helpful: Eri Silkworms.
I have no idea how similar they are in nutrition levels to the mulberry silkworm.

Hi brad

Thanks for link but had already read it (sorry) i was just wondering if you or anyone else in the states knew of or use them for livefood, ive been told by the person who i will hopefully buy them from that he feeds his chams them and they love em, also by some breeders from the netherlands so should be ok.The spiky things on them look nasty but they are soft, the nutritional value is about the same as the mulberry silkworm
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