Enough food?


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So, I've been giving my 3.5 month old panther 15-20 crickets/dubias/BSFLs at one feeding in the morning in his feeder run and he gobbles them right up. I give him a few more hand-fed BSFLs as snacks throughout the day. Right now at 7 pm he is perched on his feeder run looking for more. If juveniles are supposed to get as much as they want, would it be ok to try two big feedings a day to see if he will eat that much? He is on a 8a-8p light cycle.

I've had him since last Thursday.


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Probably wouldn't feed him to close to bed time, just for the fact he needs time to sit and digest in his basking spot afterwards.


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Typically from what I have read it is up to 6 months as much as necessary. I do one feeding a day with my baby. He is coming up on 6 months old but he is taking down 6 small dubia 12 small crickets and about 4-5 Black soldier flies a day. I am also using horns a few times a day to build trust. He can eat. He will literally take them all down within the first hour. He will still go back to the feeder run and want more. But I do not feed more then that. I max him at that 20-25 a day range. He will be switching to an every other day feeding soon per Bill Strands care sheets but I will be giving him another month before I do this as he is a bit smaller then his clutch mates. Basically yes you could do a second feeding if you want just do not make it late in the day.
I would double check his stools too. Sometimes the BSFL do not digest and will come out alive and well on the other end...

Here is your care sheet https://secureservercdn.net/166.62....20/02/care-sheet-Panther-Chameleon-022020.pdf
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