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I have been looking at alot of enclosures and have seen some very cool ideas, but I have a certain size in mind (36Hx30Wx24D) and I cannot seem to find one like this. So I am planning on building my own (working out the design right now). Please give any comments or concerns on my idea.

This enclosure will be made out of a material called 8020 (its an Aluminium Extrusion) and will be a two in one enclosure with a wall between the two so the two chameleons cannot see eachother. So over all size would be 36Hx61Wx24D. I also will have the doors at both ends, glass front and back, both sides and top to be screen. Lighting I thinking will be a fixture I found that has all 3 lights in one fixture. Planning on live plants with some fakes mixed in along with vines. A large water fall in each side with a fogger or some type of dripper and mister.

Please add some ideas and give comments
I am not familiar with the 8020 aluminum extrusion material you plan on using. Have any pictures or links? I always recommend a fully screened enclosure for most chameleons. I also advise against the waterfalls, as they just attract bacteria and would take a lot of effort to keep clean. If possible, I would add some height to your cage plans. The taller the better.
I used to think that any glass was bad as well, but then I read an article in chameleon news that suggest using peg board, wood, and glass in colder climates. I currently have an all screen enclosure, but I am putting up peg board to help keep in some of the heat from the lamps (look for the article there, talks about temp shock and such). I also put my cham in front of a mirror to see is something happens, and he will usually come across glass and his reflection when roaming but does nothing. I think some chams might not be able to perceive their reflection as a threat and therefore some glass wouldn't be a problem.
One suggestion: I have no clue what type of screen you are talking about,but when I built mine, I have a fine mesh outside (cheap at Home depot) and a thicker heavy duty aluminum mesh on the inside. The fine is great for keeping crickets in, and the heavy duty stuff is great for him climbing- I had to add that in afterwards because he tore up the aluminum mesh. Yes, the crickets can get between them, but I don't have a problem with them staying in there, eventually they will wander out and he will eat them.
waterfall/glass cage

Tried a waterfall - thought it would be very cool - crickets kept getting sucked in to the pump and we got rid of it after a week or so. .. dont waste your money

RE the glass -- I have a cage that has one glass side. I put it toward the back and then when I spray water in the cage from the front it doesnt go out the other side. That is the only advantage I see to using any glass (it also gets dirty easy and is not very nice looking).. I am actually not using the cage w/ the glass anymore b/c I got some better larger all screen cages.
I had my cham in a 10 gal aqurium for the first 2 or 3 days until I got my new all screen enclosure set up. Every once in a while it seems like he would catch his reflection in the left side of the aquarium and wander all the way down onto the bottom of the aquarium(since that was the closest he could get to the glass) and flash his stressed/agressive colors and wobble back and forth for about a minute and then give up. He only did it about once a day, but I haven't really read about anyone else's doing it, like DanielleB mentioned. I did however researched cages heavily before getting one and nearly all didn't recommend glass enclosures of any kind whatsoever. I actually tried DanielleB's idea of pegboard for keeping heat in and it actually helps quite a bit with the heat since I live in central Illinois, and it gets quite cold here sometimes. Good luck with the new enclosure!
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