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hey chameleon fanatics, I'm new to chameleoning' haha, I am currently in the midst of setting up an enclosure. I was wondering if I could get some advice on my cage and also some feed back and tips as well as answer a few questions if you could.
1- what are you chameleon friendly plants? (Medium size town applicable)
2- what is a good inexpensive misting system? (Again, I live in medium size town our only pet stores mister was $200, I'm not trying to cheap out but that seems a little high)
3- what should I put in the bottom of his cage?

Hopefully someone will help me


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Hi and welcome! Pothos, umbrella trees, hibiscus and ficus are all fine plants,.
And I'd put paper towel on the bottom of the enclosure. Hope this helps


ubrella and pothos are pretty good if you get them small/medium then they will grow into the cage. Also you are going to want A LOT of horizontal branches. I dont use a misting system, just a hand mister, which works okay-ish if im not busy. You may want to think about how your going to feed. freerange or cup feeding, depending on which you may want to buy a megnaetic feeder bowl, or make one yourself and attach it to the side of the enclosure for easier picking. With food your going to want a lot of variety, no one prey item should make up 90% of its diet, 40% is even pushing it, so having at least 4 different types can help you out a lot, so think about that for a bit =) let us know what you end up doing, remember you can order basically anything you need online


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Hello, welcome to the forum. What size is your cage? I can't tell if it is screen or glass. The mister system may be a mistking, and if so the price is about right.


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I think mike fisher has a thread about building your own mist system. I may be wrong. You might want to PM him and ask. That might be more affordable.
I'm not 100% sure what species exactly I'll be keeping yet. I was thinking a veilded or a panther. But yet again I am pretty limited to what I can find around here. I am going to be making a bigger enclosure as it matures.


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I don't think an enclosure that small is typically recommended for those species since they can grow so quickly. You're probably going to have to upgrade fairly quickly, depending on what age you get the cham at.
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