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We live in a 2bedroom 1 bath apartment. The place is really small. So Im trying to decide on where to put the enclosure. Temps in the house are unfortunately still warm at 80 to 83 with a/c units on :( At night it drops to 75 with 1 a/c unit on. I was thinking about moving it in our bedroom but to be honest theres not much room in there. The only place Would be the living room.

I have a cool mist humidifier and was planning on putting wheels on the enclosure for easy moving.


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I always recomend the bed room due to low traffic. You can try the living room but all of mine get stressed out with all the movement from the people. You can also lower the temp with a mister set to flash evaporate like with 30 sec runs every hour.


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I always try to place my cages so the basking possition is at standing eye level or taller. Close to a window is nice too, but the higher up you can put the cage, the better.
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