enclosure pics/ aqua zamp review


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heres a few pics of my enclosure and how i have my drain set up. just finished installing my aqua zamp and couldnt be happier. great system, and kevin was very easy to work with and very helpful. definitely the way to go if you're looking for a automated mister.


for my drain, i just got a black drip tray from a floral case and cut it down to fit. it already had the outlet on the side, so i went to home depot and bought a few pvc joints and some pipe, and a paint bucket. works perfect and is very simple, plus it only cost about $5.


and heres the pics of the aqua zamp. very easy to install, and works excellent.




my little guy doesnt care for the mister too much. hopefully he gets used to it.

Looks nice. Is that drain system "leaning" good? There are a lot of 90 degree angles going on. Clever little system
what i did so the water goes to one side, is i tilted the tray just a little bit, then cut spacers so the cage sits level.
the stand is just an aquarium stand i picked up for like $10 off craigslist. the drip tray is from a refrigerated floral case that i scrapped. my cage is only 12" deep so it worked perfectly after i cut it down length wise. it was about 12" too long.
i love my aquazamp too!

My little guy is coming around finally to his mister. Just give him some time
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