Enclosure might be too small, will it be okay for a few months?


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So this is my first post here but the community has been very helpful in general. :)
So, I'm getting a Male Panther chameleon soon enough, he is just waiting for me to be done getting his enclosure set up.
So, the thing is, I did get a 2x2x3 wooden enclosure for a bit cheaper and now I'm starting to wonder if that is going to be too small?
He is currently in a smaller enclosure so it will already be an upgrade, but I do know that the bigger the better.
I will likely be able to upgrade him in a few months, once I get a bigger enclosure to move him into.
But anyways my question is, should I wait a bit longer to get him when I have a bigger enclosure set up or will he be alright in the 2x2x3 for a bit?
And one other question I have is since it is a wooden enclosure, there is no mesh top in that case what should the distance from the lamps to the basking spot be?
Thank you!
I’m afraid a 2x2x3’ would be too small. If you have only 3’ tall, then generally you’d want to make up for the lack of height with extra width of say 3’ wide. If it is only 2’ high, there really is no way to make that work for a panther. What is the size of the enclosure he’s currently in?
To determine what the distance between lights and basking area should be, you need to know what type of uvb you are using - a T5 or T8, what is the strength of the bulb - 5.0/6% or 10.0/12%? The info will be printed on the end of the bulb.
So, the uvb is a T5 6%. And yeah the enclosure I got is 3ft tall, the one hes currently in is around 2x2x2 im pretty sure. I fully understand it is too small and I have already been trying to find a bigger one (although I'm starting to think I might have to DIY it). I think I'm gonna put him in the 2x2x3 for now until I have a bigger and better enclosure for him.
Unfortunately I'm in Europe! It's quite hard to find the larger ones where I live 😕. But I'm quite confident in my DIY skills so hopefully it'll turn out alright! Thanks for the advice anyways!!! Have a good day :)
Can you tell me how old the cham is right now? 2x2x3 is decent if the cham is still younger.

If this is a wood cage the wood has to be sealed though and then gas off so it is not deadly to the cham.

Per the cage you want to retro fit it for the top. You want to buy Aluminum window screen and put it on the top panel. You want to make sure he has no access out of the cage and can not crawl up on the lights. With the aluminum window screen as a barrier between your lights and a 6% T5ho single bulb fixture you want a 8-9 inch distance between the bottom of the fixture and the closest branches below it to put him in a 3 UVI range.
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