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cham has been clinging to the cage at times and not the branches, vines, plants, and when she sees me open the cage she heads to the top and wants to climb on top of my little dripper ? any ideas ?

heat is 85-88 at basking and ambient temp is 72 / humidity 45-60%

cage pictures below...

i have been "slight" free ranging, i have a palm tree (with a stick i fastened to it to make it sturdy, no upside down cham time) and she has been liking that, but will fall asleep on top of it, although i will say, i have no heat or no lights or anything on that tree...and as soon as she is in her cage she is active again and not sleeping...


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She probably just wants out. They get spoiled real fast. You do have it too warm for a female. I would drop the basking temps to low 80's. You can buy the plastic chicken fencing at Lowes or Home Depot and line the inside of her cage with that to keep her from loosing her nails in the screen.
Hey jann!

Thanks for the input, I'm guessing its true so I'm going to setup a free range for her later this week, she constantly scratches at my uvb cfl light anything or anyone know if that is an underlying problem? She doesn't close her eyes during the day or anything...she also ran up top and sat directly near the light, any ideas?
she might also want a bigger cage.
my guy always wanted out. so i made him a condo and now he never wats out.
i would like to free range but i dont know what he would think of my cat.
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