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Anyone have any suggestions on some sturdy branches vines I can buy for above my plants for my chameleons basking spots and stuff to climb on I was told to get tree branches from sapless trees but all the trees around my house produce sap, just looking for something chameleon safe and sturdy for when my chameleon is an adult
TMK, ALL trees have sap. What they're talking about are trees with sap containing VOCs, which are basically conifers/softwoods (pine, cedar, etc.) Stick with deciduous trees (hardwoods) and you should be fine.

If there are vineyards near you, prunings from matured vines make great jungle gyms for chams.




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Are these safe it says they’re made of rice paper I was gonna buy real treated wood but the prices are crazy
The flukers ones are one of the only ones that have not been known to cause issues. You do not want treated wood... You can just go out and collect branches as long as they are not from sap producing trees like Pine or cedar. Give them a bit of a wash and then rinse really well and dry out.
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