Emma is getting prettier every day


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I never expected a female to have such great color. She's nearly 11 months old and appears to be flirting across the room with Nolan. So, I plan to let them get to know one another in a month or two. :)

Emma 04-24-13a.JPG

Emma 04-24-13b.jpg
I would say she is receptive now. If you plan to breed her I would put them together now as opposed to a month or two. She will possibly cycle infertile eggs and be digging in two months. 11 months is plenty old enough as long as she has good size as well. JMO She is very pretty.
So pretty!! The girls never get enough recognition :)

I couldn't agree more! It seems to me the girls might not have the bright vivid colors, but their pretty pastels and patterns have much more variability.

Females are very interesting to look at because they have so many different outfits :)
Well, I don't know too much about what people say are great colours because I have had lots of great looking green and brown pets lol.
Emma is certianly one of the brightest looking females I have seen though, it certainly seems like a good idea to get her breeding!
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