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hello, i am not an inexperienced owner. But just now i came home to my baby veiled chameleon maybe about 3-4 months with a hemorrhage (from what looks to be like his organs) are coming from his anus. This has never happened to me before. I dont know if it was because he was the smallest male that the store had maybe he was a runt with defects? I don't quite no he was fine a few hours ago, no signs of stress but he did not want to eat that i noticed. Figured he was shy. Can some one please explain to what is going on? I feel horrible I'm afraid he is going to die and the reptile store is closed. I don't know what to do I'm afraid I can't help him and I feel terrible for letting him suffer. :(
Sounds like a prolapse of some sort. I would say your best bet is to fill out the form to give everyone more information, and also to take pics for us to see. yet he needs to be seen by a vet!
It most definitely is a prolapse. I just did some more research. Sorry for not filling out the form I'm in a state of panic >_< I will take him asap. thank you!
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