Eggs hatching

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  1. Just checked on my eggs and found this little bugger takin a break. First one out. Gonna have my hands full for awhile. Thank you all. Wouldn’t of got this far without this forum

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  2. Jax2214

    Jax2214 New Member

    Wow!!! So cute! Congrats on the eggs. You got a big future ahead of you. Good luck on those little ones!!!
  3. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Avid Member

    YAY!!! I told you they will hatch!!! Keep us updated with those adorable little things! :D:):D
  4. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    Whoo Hoo!!! :D Congrats! Can't wait for the pictures!!
  5. He/she is making quick work of getting out of that egg. It’s 9 at night here so do I leave him/her in that container or do I put it in it’s bin and just leave the lights out till morning?

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  6. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    IDK about your question, but you are making me SO excited for the eggs I have to hatch!!
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  7. It is exciting. I’ve been excited going on 7 months now.
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  8. Katacara

    Katacara Avid Member

    I have about another 6 months or more of waiting to do.... It feels like FOREVER!!!
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  9. jannb

    jannb Chameleon Enthusiast

    Congrats! Babies are so much fun. I would leave him in there for now and move him to the baby bin in the morning.
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  10. Thank you. I guess He’s the only one who was tired of being in that egg.
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  11. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Cute and exciting!
    Don't have the lid off much or for long. You'll drynout the eggs and make it more difficult for the babies to hatch if not impossible.
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  12. Courtney_H

    Courtney_H New Member

    Congrats on your little cutie!
  13. Mai

    Mai Established Member

    Awe !!! Congrats I can’t wait to see more pics
  14. Quick question, my hatchling is now walking around but he still has a bit of the yoke sack attached to him. Can he go in his bin or should I leave him in the container a bit longer?

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  15. kinyonga

    kinyonga Chameleon Enthusiast

    Bit of a dilema. If you take it out you risk the yolk part to getting stuck to something in the cage and then the chameleon can then pull it off which could cause the chameleon to bleed to death...but leaving it in there the chameleon won't get any water or food.
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  16. 4889D732-592C-4821-8B23-31A612590007.jpeg I just got home and it’s trying it’s hardest to get out and it needs to at least drink water so I just put him in there and gave him a misting which he seems to enjoy. To bad there is not a straight forward answer for this part.
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  17. CJ's Exotics

    CJ's Exotics Avid Member

    Hopefully he will be okay!
  18. Macasus

    Macasus Member

    Congrats! I just had a hatching last week.
  19. Thank you and same to you. They sure do take their time hatching. But I have a 8 yr old little boy and a two yr old girl so I have plenty of patience.

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