eggs beginning to sweat

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3-4 of my veiled eggs are beginning to sweat,they look like the ones in the picture from ezine they got a drop of water on top of them i have 35 eggs that made it.
even if only 25% hatch i will be happy.

does anyone know where i can get food for the babies at a reasonable price?

im not sure to go with flies or crickets
Whoa, that's something that should have been taken care of a while ago. I have no clue where you live, or even what Country, so I can't recommend anything for where to get feeders, but all I can say is get some pretty fast. Some companies can take a while to get you your order, sometimes a week from ordering to receiving for feeders.

IMO, if you're going to breed Chameleons, be responsible and KNOW how to go about getting their food. It's kind of important for them to eat... Good luck.
i can get them online overnight but its gonna cost some money i was hoping someone might know where i could get some fly cultures cheap or a good deal on 5000 crickets.i am waiting for some pinheads to hatch right now but they might not be ready.

im in eastern pennsylvania
You can purchase 1/8 inch crickets from I have been using them for 6 months and am very pleased with their quality. If you purchase at least 5000 you can get them for $10 per 1000. You need to call them first and ask for Dan. The number is 1 800 717 6627 or email [email protected]. They ship priority mail or overnight. I use priority and when they arrive very few dead ones. I used also for my fly cultures. If you do not want to mess with the fruitflies baby veileds can eat 1/8. Good luck with your new babies. It is amazing how many crickets they eat.
i ordered 1000 pinheads to get started for 29.99 they said they could ship them tomorrow and i would have them on friday.

i just checked my crickets and i have some hatching right now but it will take them time to grow .
i thought these eggs would hatch later. its only been 7 months i was thinking 8-9 months .

even if i break even on these babies its worth it.
No matter what you do, it's gonna cost you, unfortunately you waited a little to long to get started. I start my fly cultures months before I expect hatchlings......

These guys have pretty good prices on crix AND shipping..... These are vieleds right? I would go with 1/8' crix.. pinheads are smaller than the ff's.

how many fly cultures would i need ?

more eggs are sweating now theres 12 maybe i will have time to start some cultures .

what do you think would be the least expensive to feed these when they hatch?

would it be cheaper to use flies or crickets?
how many cultures do you start months before the eggs are gonna hatch?
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How much do you have to spend

If your going to sell them dont dump a ton of money in feeders get rid of them quick. Its best to keep them for a week then sell them after that you still can make a few dollars.
And then half of them die off because people don't have the experience or knowledge required to take care of hatchlings :)
theres only 35 eggs in this incubater the other 15 are in another they will hopefully hatch later next month maybe.

if i end up with 25 live healthy babies it might cost 250.00 -300.00$ to feed them. then if i sell them for 25.00$ each would equal 575.00$

i already faced the fact that im not gonna make alot of money if any on this clutch,i do have some crickets hatching and am putting efforts into cricket production today because i may keep a few 5-10 until they are 2-4 months.

im gonna use my credit card to feed them.
It is so wrong to sell them before they are three months old because the death rate is very high in young chameleons, but I don't need to tell you that, you have been around this form long enough to know that. If you want repeat business then I suggest you keep them till they are old enough to be sold.
i might sell some at 2 months but only a few to people that have some knowledge and have the cage , lights etc.
it don't look like my eggs are gonna hatch

i am losing faith with these eggs.maybe they are dead inside.
I've been watching your threads on this and it's very exciting. Do you have enough little enclosures for them all? I'm saving milk cartons to fashion a long, nursery that I will screen the tops to spray for drinking and keeping fruit flies in for them. I've tons of little manzanita branches, bleached and ready to mount. I've got tiny pothos clippings all coming into leaf enough for a heard. lol And I don't even have a female yet!!! But I'm goint to be SO ready!
In the meantime, I get to live vicariously through you. :D
i have 4 very nice enclosures for them plus a 4ft dual reptisun light. branches and fake vines and small live schefflera plants.
i also have some small pothos plants .
one enclosure is ready it has paper towels on the bottom a pothos,schefflera vines etc i even got a new pressure sprayer for them.
my 1/8 crickets arrived today.

i know these eggs are good there are baby chameleons inside these eggs its just a matter of them hatching.

i have like a pound and a half of dry silkworm chow and when the eggs slit open i might order a bunch of silkworm eggs.
i didnt plan on making money on these.if my crickets hatch good i wont lose any money because right now i just don't want to lose money.
sorry fate x i didnt mean to sound mean to you its just i hatched a clutch in noveber of 06 and wow i didnt realize they ate that much ahah but its all good so ill be talkin to yea later and post pics of the lil guys i wana see them please and thank you fate x
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