Egg with Poop - Should I be Worried?


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Hey All, I'm fairly new chameleon owner, I have done some research and read most of the checklist on how to care for a chameleon here. Although could not find any questions related to my concern with my female Veiled; She laid her first clutch of eggs when she was about 13 Months old (about 50 eggs - I know its quite much and her diet was adjusted) around Nov 2010. Then about 3 weeks after and she's almost back to her normal self, she has a normal fecal matter but with an egg extra daily. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Any information or suggestion is much appreciated and if please let me know if more information or picture is needed.


Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon – Veiled – Female – 16 Mos Old – She’s been in my care for about 13 Mos.
Handling – Once or Twice a week.
Feeding – Mainly Crickets, Wax Worms, Fruits and Veggies. About 5 Crickets and a Fruit (Grape or Strawberry) every other day. Feeders are gut-loaded with carrots and potatoes.
Supplements – ReptiCalcium without D3 every feeding. Reptivite with D3 once a month.
Watering – Water Drip and Mist once a day. Also water is added when feeding fruit in a cup. I see her drinking water on occasion, she also at times drink from the mister bottle.
Fecal Description – Solid dark brown with white watery stuff. She has never ever been tested for parasites
History – Bought her at a Reptile Expo at 3 Months old.

Cage Info:
Cage Type – Screen – 27”L x 27”W x 38”H
Lighting – DIY Dual 24” Flourescent; Reptisun 5.0 uvb and 17 Watt T8 Plant Light 6,500k. Lights On and Off from 7am to 7 pm daily.
Temperature – Temperature ranges 65 – 85. Basking 80 – 85. Temperature is measured with a ZooMed Digital Themometer.
Humidity – Not measured at the moment.
Plants – Live Plants. One 36” Umbrella and two 18” Hibiscus.
Placement - Cage is located in a corner of a room and not near any fans, air vents, or high traffic areas. The total height of the cage is 50” with 12” legs.
Location – New York City

Current Problem – Egg with Poop.
How many eggs has she 'laid' this way?

It is not normal. I have had a female drop a few eggs before then went on the lay a fertile clutch. But never an egg with feces. Are you sure there is feces as well... maybe she is passing an infertile clutch or underdeveloped eggs.??
IMHO this is not normal...don't know whether it means she's retained eggs or is producing new ones and dropping them as she does. Unfortunately, I can't offer you a solution. :(
Have you tried placing her back in her laying bin? It sounds like she still has eggs that need to be laid.
Do you have any pics of the the egg & Poo? How many times has this occurred? And do you have a laying bin in with her currently? If not I would put a bin in that cage immediately. It sounds like she's depositing a retained clutch or double clutched as some keepers refer to it. Has this animal been bred? I would first see if she will lay in her bin. Give her a day. If she doesnt then I would take her in to the vet and get her x-rayed. She may need a shot of oxytocin to pass them if they havent fused together into a large mass. At which point she will need surgery to get them out.
She has laid quite a few eggs this way...and/or she could very well be passing an infertile clutch or underdeveloped eggs not really sure.

She never had a laying bin she just laid her eggs all over the cage, she did once dug up on of the plant pot and got herself stuck in the hole but did not lay eggs there.

@Texas Panther Man
I will try and take a pic of the egg and poo, she normally does her business daily in the morning. I will see if i could put a laying bin in the cage today, also she was never been bred.

Thank you all for your suggestions and I will post pics by tomorrow.
No one has mentioned it yet so I will - you need a better gutload - do a search and you'll find lots of ideas.

Also - could she just have been ready to pass a poo when she laid an egg? I'm assuming they have a cloaca like a chicken but I may be wrong...
She should have been provided with a proper place to lay the eggs. You will be lucky if she doesn't end up eggbound and die. Please put a proper opaque container (minimum size 12" deep x 12" x 8") full of washed playsand asap. If you are lucky she will be able to lay the rest of the eggs and hopefully the next time she will lay them normally. I would even dig a hole in the container for her.

I leave the container in the cage at all times with any sexually mature egglaying female chameleon.
Just got a hold of some play sand last night and was able to put in a laying bin for her. She was giving it a look this morning before i went to work, and she hasnt done her business yet so no pics yet, i guess i'll wait and see when i get home tonight.
when you do come home, try to leave her alone. they mostly lay at dusk or night time and you don't want to spook her.
don't take photos of her at this time.

just leave her be and check up on her in the morning.

when you do come home, try to leave her alone. they mostly lay at dusk or night time and you don't want to spook her.
don't take photos of her at this time.

just leave her be and check up on her in the morning.


Should I leave the lights on or let it turn off? Lights are on a timer to go off at 7pm.
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