Egg or little cham...


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So I'm already interested in getting another cham:D...

I bought my veiled on 2/12/11 and he is thriving:p.... I would like to get a panther next (maybe amilobe ).... should I buy him as a baby or should I buy him as an egg?

Please let me know what you guys think:confused:.... or have experienced...

My veiled is 4 months old... and he absolutely HATES me:mad:.... I have tried to hold him and the last time he kamakazied out of my hand (it petrified me) so I'm not going to try anymore... I just want him to be a happy little cham...
Eggs have no guarantee of hatching, especially after they have been moved. (ambilobes can be blue or red bars.)
plus there is no way of knowing what sex it will be while its in the egg, since you keep referring it to as a "him".
You first need to spend some time researching the species your interested in. Dont wait until purchasing to get and idea as to what is needed as far as husbandry goes. As far as buying another cham. Your still a new keeper. If you want to buy another thats your decision. But a reputable breeder isnt going to sell you and egg or eggs. They will wait til theyre offspring are in the 2.5 - 3 month range before releasing them to the public. They need to get past the fragile stage before being shipped.
Being just a month in to keeping chameleons, I would say you would not want to try and raise a neonate.
I would definitely enjoy the guy you just got for awhile before you take on another. Make sure you can give one the proper care before you add another.
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