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hey! so my cham, zucchini, just turned a year old. this is her second time getting ready to lay eggs. her first time, she got very weak and would fall from her vines. i ended up having to pick her up so she could move around her habitat and be cozy. i had a container of clean play sand in the corner of her home and she laid her eggs after a while. she never really gained her strength back completely but she was able to hold onto the vines much better. she is now quite round and should be getting ready to lay again, but now she is even more weak than last time. i have to hold her up to her cup while she eats her crickets from it bc she wont hunt for them anymore. i hold her so she can get water everyday straight from the spray bottle bc she cant get up to the water on the screen of her habitat. i make sure she gets the vitamins she needs on her crickets.
(shes had the sand in the same place as before for a few months.)
i was mainly wondering if this is normal at all and what i should do differently so that she is comfy and healthy.


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After you get her to a vet you need tot I’ll put the help form so we can review everything with you to ensure everything else is on point.

Specifically lighting and calcium supplements.
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