Egg incubation parameters


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Hello, I am New to this forum and i Say Hello to everyone. Thank you to welcome me.
Sorry i am french and my english sometime is Bad.
My question is. I live in a country not un France where temperature is always between 25 and 31celcius degree. Humidity is Always between 60 to 90%.
Do i need an incubator for hatching chameleons eggs?
Could i let eggs into a container with vermiculite into my housse and wait ?
Thank you


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Je parle seulement un peu français mais ma sœur parle très bien le français. Les panthères n'auront pas besoin d'un incubateur.Je ne suis pas sûr du caméléon voilé.


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Ok if you want to practice french i'will speak in english you Can answer me in French.
When you Say i do not need to incubate, you mean because my country température and humidity is good or because panther chameleon do not need special parameters to hatch?


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I do mine below 85F cause when it gets too tend to speed up the hatching process...u want the eggs to develop in a slower speed not faster if u understand what i mean.
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