eBay's help to remove a sick chameleon


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There was a thread last month about a chameleon posted on eBay. It was very ill with sunken eyes and MBD. Many people commented on the state of the poor thing and about the aquarium it was being kept in with wood chips and of course a light bulb over the top cooking the poor thing. I contacted eBay about the condition of the animal and they removed the ad. They couldn't do anything to save the animal of course, but at least the offender couldn't sell the dying animal to someone who didn't know any better. Here is eBay's response to me if you are interested.


Hello Naomi,

Thank you for contacting eBay Classifieds Community Support.

Naomi, thank you for letting me know about this chameleon ad. I have gone ahead and removed the ad listing from the site. I appreciate you getting in touch with us.


Absolutely great work, thanks for saving a new owner even if you were unable to save the poor chameleon.
They don't! Well not in the UK anyway. Well done Naomi for flagging the ad - at least they took notice of you and removed the ad. Poor chameleon. :(
Great job Naomi! I didn't even realize that eBay allow the sale of live animals.

I don't think they do permit live animal sales...maybe with some exceptions for gardening stuff? They can't possibly catch all the illegal ads but usually respond quickly once reported. I've reported a few international bird skin/feather and marine mammal product listings that don't remind buyers about CITES import export permits.
Aren't they sold as "feeders?" Feeders are allowed to be sold under certain circumstances.
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