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I have a new Veiled Chameleon, when I first bought him I had him in a 10 gallon tank, its was a little small but i wanted to make sure he was eating, and now that he's alittle older and eating ok I got him a bigger cage, but now he's not eating anything but crickets. before I could get him to eat mealworms, superworms, and waxworms but now hes not eating them. Should I be worried, or is just gettin used to his new environment ????
Hmmm. I would be cautious, I would assume trying and feeding hime those thing back in the original cage and see if he take the food again!
After doing this it can determine if he is sick!
By changing the cages again though can stress him enough to not eat.

I am gonna go ahead and say, to talk with brad or chris anderson! Both have extensive knowlege with these creatures
What kind of cage did you move your chameleon into? You mentioned a larger cage, but not the type of cage. I would not recommend moving the chameleon back to the aquarium; like chamefreak said, it can add a lot of unnecessary stress. I am not sure why your chameleon is only eating crickets. Has his appetite decreased or has he just become a more finicky eater?
hes in a 65 gallon screen cage, his appetite is the same im not really worried that he could be sick he just as active as before, a alittle more, he eats a few waxworms but not ass much as before, but he is eating bigger crickets now, maybe they're filling him up more? to me it seems like he's just not used to the big cage yet and doesnt know he actually has to look for his food now, if that makes sense. because in the ten gallon he didnt really need to look for his food, it was just there without a problem. should I try and train him to eat some other foods, like by stop feeding him the crickets for a while and just put waxworms and mealworms ? and hope he goes back in hunting mode
I know that my cham will decided what he wants to eat for the day- he goes for a week only eating roaches, or only crickets or mealworms (always will eat wax worms). I can't always get him to eat a varied diet, but his activity level stays the same.
I dont see a problem if he activity level is still high. Maybe they just move around more so he likes them better. It could be many things but if he is still acting normal, I don't see a problem. Just be sure to dust them to keep the good calcium to Phosphorous ratio. I don't think any insects have a good ratio anyways :)
I agree with DanielleB and I think you are probably right about your cham getting used to his new cage. A cage change is a stressful event. You might also want to try silkworms. You can place a silkworm on a nearby leaf and not worry about it falling off or running away.
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