Eating Oothecae


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I have a ton of Dubias heavy with oothecae right now. My 13 month old Panther, Darkstar, has just recently taken to eating Dubia. I've fed him a few pregnant females (gutloaded on apples and Dinofuel) and he seems to enjoy them. Colony can withstand a few being fed off here and there. Do any forum members know if oothecae/pregnant Dubia have any additional nutritional value vs a non pregnant Dubia? Those oothecae look pretty substantial, so I would assume the nutritional profile may change.

Yes, this is a post about eating babies. Sorry for the savagery.



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I've never even thought to feed those off. I've only ever fed off some of my adult males to my beardie when I've needed to thin down a bit. I'd be interested to know as well.
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