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hey guys, i have a jacksons chameleon, he is in a 5' high, 3' wide and 3' deep enclosure... he gets rained on 3 times a day for 10 minutes... he has a humidifier that runs for 1 hr 3 times a day (3 hrs total)... his humidity is consistently over 65% ... he has UVA and UVB... his basking temp is around 90 but there are several vines he can be on around there to control temp... he gets fed daily, recently he has only been eating one or two giant mealworms a day, and rarely any crickets. its like he doesnt like them anymore... i put a few crickets in his feeder box every day and he MIGHT be eating one a day....

does anyone have any ideas?

p.s. there are pics on my gallery so if there is any confusion please have a look....

thanks ahead for ideas
I don't know how often you hold your Jackson's, but if lately you've been handling him more than usual, or there's a change in his surroundings, they tend to go off of eating until things are more calm in their surroundings. I used to take my Jackson's to elementary school classes for the kids to learn about chameleons and it would usually take 4-6 days before he'd eat after all the commotion. Now if you aren't really doing anything different it could be that he is either "bored" of crickets for now. When I've had them become bored of crickets I usually don't offer any crix for around a week and sometimes the chams interest is sparked again.
he is around 2 years old... i have been handling him a little more lately but he was coming out toward me and i essentially let him crawl on me and then put him back in a minute or two, he may be tired of crickets, i will offer other food today... should i still be on the winter month time cycle?
At this age you should be only feeding him once every 2 or 3 days.
So stop feeding him for about 3 days and then try again.
In the wild at the rainy seasons they go without the food for up to a month, so this is very healthy to give them brake here and there
oh ok, thats understandable i will give him a break and see how he does,
thanks for the advice...
how long are we gonna be on the winter month cycle??
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