Eating Frequency

Grace McAuley

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Hey, so I have a few month old veiled cham. We recently moved him into a bigger enclosure and switched him to large crickets. He just shed his first skin with us which is yay! but his eating is slowing down. He was eating 9 crickets everyday and now he is eating around 2-3 crickets everyday. He seems uninterested but his color is a beautiful green. He is definitely still quite a few months short of being an adult, is this normal?


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some go on hunger strikes when they get bored of feeders, try switching to something like silkworms or dubia roaches and if that doesn't work then there may be something wrong with husbandry


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They blast and cruise while they are growing. So it might be a few crickets a day for say 2-3 weeks, then its a dozen a day for a week or 2, then back again. I just make sure at the end of the feeding there are a few feeders left over, that makes sure he got his fill.
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