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I sprout seeds on a daily basis so I always have fresh sprouts. While I was setting up a jar for a new batch (It takes 3 days from seeds to sprouts.) I had a brain storm. I have a Zoo Med 79 ounce The Little Dripper. I was having to only use it every 6 days or so, otherwise it was overfeeding my plants and puddling up in the bottom of the enclosure. So the brain storm came from looking at the jar with it's panty hose top. Yes, I use a square of panty hose on a Mason jar for making sprouts. So I thought if I used a 16 ounce Mason jar with the panty hose on top, I could use the dripper all day. The water is set up so it drips straight down into the Mason jar, and the panty hose top keeps my chameleon from getting into a bad situation and drowning. I put about 3 cups of water into the dripper. 1 1/2 cups comes out and the other 1 1/2 cups stays in the dripper jar because the tap is up from the bottom of the jar. So I know that as long as I only add 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups of water into dripper at a time, the catch jar will not overflow. I timed it, and 1 1/2 cups takes just under 2 hours to drip out. So I only have to empty the catch jar every 2 hours. If you use a larger jar, you could time it to run for about 4 1/2 hours for a 32 ounce Mason Jar. That would give your cham half a day with water, and when you get home from work you could refill the dripper.

So now I have no more mess, no more puddling, no more smelly enclosure, and I know my cham is getting the water she needs.
Im no vet when it comes to drippers and drainage but that sounds pretty nifty. You should post some pic of it
Im no vet when it comes to drippers and drainage but that sounds pretty nifty. You should post some pic of it

I would love to post some pics, but when I try to open an Album to add some photos - it isn't there. I followed the instructions to add images into my profile, and it says to click on Add Album, but it isn't there to click. I don't know if it's because my account is new or what, but I don't seem able to add any photos. I'll get there eventually. I don't know if it's based upon number of postsor quality of the posts, but eventually I will be worthy.
To add an album, you need to first create and name an empty album. Once that is done you can go into your empty album and click "Add Images" and click the "Choose File" button to add images.
OK. The admin added the Albums to my profile so now I can show a photo of this setup. I put arrows on the picture to show the drip tube which comes in from the top screen and then the pint jar, which I put on the plant. I have a screen cover over the substrate (dirt) of the planter, so my cham can't ingest any of the dirt, and the jar sets nicely on that screen.
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