easter bunny brought me eggs


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work up this morning and found my Panther digging a hole to Finially lay her eggs..
i paired her and my male on 2-7-07 and she carried untill today 4-8-07

Congratulation......... mine laid at 3-17-2007....total 25 eggs!!!....:D . They are being incubated now.... keeping my fingers crossed.... everyone of them will hatch in about 10 months time!!!
she still isnt done laying yet... she is just sitting in her hole! i dont think that she has many eggs becuase she didnt get very big!

on March 29th my Female Veiled laid 56 eggs... i wasnt planning on that happening!! im going to be having alot of fun in several months!!
my female finished late last night so i waited untill this morning to deal with her eggs and i found myself having 26 more eggs !!!
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