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My chameleon has been usually going to bed around 6 pm before the time change, and that was usually ok since the sun was down already, but now she’s been going to bed at 4:30 pm since Sunday and I’m not sure she just needs time to get used to it or if it’s something else?
Hello and welcome to the forum! Would you mind filling this out and posting it here? There could be a few reasons and it's best we know the whole story before giving any advice. Pictures of your enclosure and your Cham are also very helpful.

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Normal. My chameleon will usually move to his sleep spot by 5-5:30pm when his lights go out at 730. He wont actually fall asleep until lights out.

I also dont adjust my light timer for DLS. In the wild there is no such thing so why throw them off with the time change.

That's why it helps adjusting our timers to match sunrise/sunset. The days aren't the same length month after month as we know. So having the same 12 hour schedule all year isn't anymore natural than DLS
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