Dwarf Fischer's??

Let me start off with being totally honest - I know nothing about chameleons! Which is why I'm here. Hubby and I bought what we were told are a male and a female dwarf fischer's chameleons.. I did google that but there isn't a lot that came up, the pics that did do not look like my 2. We were also told they are young, maybe 4/5 months old. Someone had turned them into the reptile shop we frequent a few weeks ago and they have been thriving there. Both are eating 1/2" crickets daily. So I would like to properly identify them so I can learn how to care for them properly. They were being housed together and we sold to us that way. But again google tells me chameleons are better alone. I am more than willing to get a 2nd enclosure! We didn't get them to breed or anything like that either.
Ok 'ReptiBreeze' medium, which is 16"x16"x30" is the screen cage we got

This is the male


This is the female



Both are very active and alert!
Thank you!
You have a male kinyongia boehmei for sure, but I need a better picture of the female. She looks like a boehmei but I cannot say for sure.

And yes, most all chameleons are better off housed separately.
Yep, both the male and female are Kinyongia boehmei. You can tell them apart from K. tavetana by the dorsal crest. There are a number of threads on the forum about them, so if you search "boehmei", you should come up with a number of helpful threads.


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