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hi everybody, i was wondering if you could give me some imput on your dusting schedules

i have miner-al
repti-cal w/ d3
herpitive multi-vitimins

how offtenly shoud i use these vitams on my 5.5 month old panther chameleon?
i currently dust mine with plain calcium w/o d3 every day and then the calcium w/d3 and the multivitamin twice a month. :)
I dust my crickets every 5 days with regular repcal. I use herptivite and d3 repcal every 25 days.
it depends

My dusting schedule varies a little based on time of year, age of animal, what feeders I am using, what those feeders have been eating, age of the UVB tubes, etc.

There is a general overview within this blog entry:

Very specific details (a day by day logs indicating what feeders were used and what supplements if any where on them) and some gutload details can be found here:
did you get your cham from Kammerflage Kreations? They use a different dusting schedule than most on the forum uses. If so, it is a good schedule also. I noticed you were from LA and I know those are the three exact supplements they sell with their chameleons, that is why I asked.
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