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i Also have a small 2 1/2 month veiled male. I had him in a x-large cage first, but he never came to the top, so, because he’s still tinny, I put him in the medium zoomed cage (the cage I purchased first) I have a linear t5 HO light on top. I have a basking light in top as well (blue zoomed that came with the starter kit.

Every time I turn on the basking, the heat gets to 90 degree or more. Now that I turned it off, it’s about 78, bit of course no basking area. My concern is that He’s not eating. Maybe because of the heat? He’s tinny and i am trying to feed him small crickets. Today i tried small dubia.. he’s not interested.

My females eats like a pig. They are in different cages and do not look at each other.


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You will need to lower the branch lower (or lamp higher) as well as buy a new bulb that is not so hot. I recommend buying a temp gun and keeping the basking spot at 85 degrees at most for that age. Make sure there are branches that go under the light but at different levels so that it can choose where it will be comfortable. He needs to find a comfortable spot to bask and if the spot is too hot they will go somewhere else and not get the heat in the morning. You will need to let him settle into whatever enclosure your going to keep it in for now. Keep offering the food but let it relax and get used to its environment before you handle him and things.


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Thank you. I have the temp gun... I will have to rearrange the branches again... because, they are to far up. I did just not raise the light about 3 inches. Will check temps again in a little while.


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As said above raise the light off the screen some babies like to climb on the screen and this could cause thermal burns if he gets right under it. Try to get the temperature around 85 degrees no higher for his age. When he gets around 9 months you can raise it to 90. Perching branches should be about 7-9 inches from the basking and uvb lighting.

Best way to help keep the temperature where you want it would be to get a Flukers clamp lamp dimmer it’s a cheaper fix but it works.

A thermostat such as Herpstat1 or VE thermostat. This is the more pricier option but it keeps your basking temperature dialed in at all times even if the rooms temperature changes.

You can just change bulb wattages also to get higher and lower temperatures depending on the wattages.


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I was looking at those thermostats the other day. I might want to invest in one of them.

First I had to get the Mistking, because my mister sux monkey balls

Thank you!!!! Seriously.


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Top of cage... temps are now good. The other picture is him hiding... all I got was the tails.


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