Dull brown color on side of piebald chameleon


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Hello my new piebald chameleon has a dull/brown spot on its side and it seems like it doesn't ever change color. This started about 5 days ago and hasn't improved. Top basking temperature sits at around 90, general temperature is 75-80, humidity stays around 50, and we mist 3 times a day at least. She's been eating somewhat well, she likes crickets but I haven't found any other food small enough for her other than non-nutritious meal worms (she's young). It looks like she is just coming out of her shed. Any help!?


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Yeah baby is trying to shed too. Make sure your not spraying her directly. It will make the shed stick to her. They are dry shedders. But I agree with @Lennoncham this looks like a thermal burn. Looks like you have a female too from what I can see of the back foot. Temps for her should never be hotter then 80 due to egg laying as she gets older.

This is a good site to learn accurate info from and if you have questions come back here. https://chameleonacademy.com/chameleon-husbandry-program-getting-started-with-chameleons/


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Test your basking light when you adjust the temperature...put your hand as close to it inside the cage as you can get it...palm away from the light. If you want to move your hand then it's going to burn your chameleon. If o...move it higher or use a lower strange.
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