Dubia Roach colony questions?

the best way to find info that has already been posted is to click the search button and type in the key words you're interested in, in this case "dubia roaches". it will pull up all the threads about roaches and there is a TON of good info in them :) i dont personally have any experience with roach colonies so im not too much help! :p but heres a link to the search area for you! https://www.chameleonforums.com/search.php

hope the roaches work out for you! :) and welcome to the forum :D
I have many colonies going. If you want them to reproduce like rabbits have some type of heat source. I use the tops of my gecko cages lined with heat tape. The temperature under them or on the bottoms of the tubs is around 85 - 93 degrees. Make sure you have a heated area and cooler area the top of egg crates or something so they can have a cooler spot to go. I set the breeding colonies on the heat tape. The feeding colonies I leave on the floor (without heat) they are kept between 65 - 80 degrees they grow slower and do not reproduce hardly at all. I keep both feeders and breeders in colored plastic containers lined with packaging tape at the top so if some of the younger ones climb when they hit the tape the fall back down. The darker the better. This method seems to work very well for me.
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