Dubia colony enclosure cleaning

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Hi everyone! I’m posting for the first time and I’m new to the forums. I’ve been keeping Dubia colonies for 3 years and I’ve always dreaded the final portion of cleaning/sorting the bins. I have about 6 27 gl bins going and I clean them about once every 6 to 8 weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful advice on the separation of small nymphs and the small debris from the dead Dubias? I saw a post on a divider placed in the middle of the clean up box with one side clean with food and the other side with everything else. That did work but I’m looking for a quicker approach. There isn’t any problem with sifting the Frass out but it’s the light weight legs and wings that seem to get tangled up with lots of the little guys. Thanks for any thoughts!!!


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i have several cleaner crews, i dont get legs and stuff...

id just a get few sizes of darkling beetles and even some pill bugs, and let them handle "the organic matter". About the only thing i have to clean out is the skin of the fruit, i never have shells or dead dubia.
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