dry skin, seminal plug? take a look.


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I searched out what info I could find on seminal plugs, femoral pores, prolapses etc., and I am still not sure. Pretty sure it's not a prolapse. It seems like dry skin from an old shed. I can't remember when his last shed was though. I gave it a little tug to see if it would come off and it wouldn't, I did not want to pull too hard though. It goes into the vent. He may have caught a few looks of my female over the last few days, who is too young to breed yet, but could that be a cause for a plug of pore?
Cham info:
-Male panther, 1.5 yrs old,
-eats crix gutloaded with lettuce, carrots, squash, greens, kale, oranges.
-dust with reptivite calcium and once a week, hepivite every other week,exept when he gets natural sunlight, which has been for the last month, now he gets mineral-0 once a week.


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It is a seminal plug which lubricate/protect the hemipenis. All you need to do is just hold onto it and use a gentle force...slowly pull it out towards the head direction. It will come out but make sure you hold your chameleon so he wont bite you instead. (it is qute traumatic to hold him down and pull his penis out.)
thanks for the reply. I pulled it out and he is doing just fine. I put him on a folded up towel and covered the front half of his body loosley with part of the towel and held him down. It only took a second. He was pretty angry though.
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