Dry eyes


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My female veiled Cham is probably 4 months old now. Her eyes look dry and a little sunk in. I've been misting her directly but she usually just runs from the spray bottle. I'm starting to worry she's too dehydrated. I never see her drink from the dropper. She does eat like a champ though. I was gonna put her in the tub with a plant and give her a shower, but before I do. How long should the shower be, and what temp for the water?
Thanks for that thread. She actually shed today and her eyes are looking much better now. But Im gonna try the shower thing anyway tomorrow. Since we're on the topic of shedding now. Should I wait like 24 hours after she shed to handle her? I have a corn snake and I know their skin is kinda sensitive after a shed, just wondering if the same goes for chameleons?
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