Dripper! could you make one?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MOJO, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. MOJO

    MOJO New Member

    i tryed making one and it didnt work right! anyone........
  2. m1ndless

    m1ndless New Member

    Didn't work right? You take a container, fill it with water, poke a pin sized hole, and that's it, what did you try to do?
  3. Cale24

    Cale24 New Member

    I'm still working on a reliable dripper system. A container with a hole in it, even bigger than a pin-sized hole, will eventually stop dripping due to a lack of vacuum I've found.
  4. MOJO

    MOJO New Member

    see....that is exactly what i have found. and i tryed it with a small hose running out of it and it jus started running and wouldnt stop...... i dono. what exactly do you need one for anyhow... do chams jus see it dripping...and drinks it.....?
  5. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    I have a gallon jug that I poked a push pin through on one of the corners. Then I shoved a pen through the cap and fill it up 3\4 of the way. If it is full it wont drip just run. It will drip out the whole time the lights are on. Just be sure to have something to catch the excess water and make it so your cham cant fall in and drown. And yes the chams see the pendulous drops of water, water running on the leaves, and light hitting it will all attract them to drink.
  6. MOJO

    MOJO New Member

    ok....one gallon jug.....pin hole in one of the corners.....whats the pen through the cap for? what does that do....

    if i get it working...will he drink out of a dish if there is constant water dripping into it....
  7. Well, your problem might be that you dont have a hole in the top.
    It will form a vacum if you dont have a hole to let the air in.
    Also try poking the hole from the inside. It works much better.
  8. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    yes poke the pen into the cap to make a hole or just leave the cap off. No it wont drink from the bowl!!! Make sure the leaves are getting the water on them and still mist.
  9. Aquaseafoam

    Aquaseafoam New Member

    I use two plastic cups, a big one inside a smaller one. they both have pin holes poked in them, but because the space between the cups creates a vacuum it drips out slowly and all the water still comes out. It doesn't hold as much as a bigger container or course, so I just fill it up 2 or 3 times a day in addition to misting. It is top heavy though so might tip over if the cage was bumped!

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  10. Phatturk

    Phatturk New Member

    I made a dripper out of an old small aquarium pump and a small metal valve also sold in the aquarium section at the store. What i did was make a hose that runs from the output of the pump to the valve then from the valve back into the water bucket. I adjust the valve to allow the amount of water i want and it runs all day and since it flows back into the water bucket it lasts for days sometimes. my water bucket is about 1 gallon. Total cost is around $10 and I know I can do the same thing for free but i had the stuff and it seemed to work best for me.
    That is until i got an ultra sonic humidifier hooked up....now that condenses and drips all day without needing my dripper.
  11. Screameleons

    Screameleons Member

  12. chris

    chris New Member

    those cd or dvd cake boxes work good too just make sure you poke the hole from the inside.
  13. AFH

    AFH Established Member

    You can get a small valve and some gaskets from a hardware store. That way you can control the drip.

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