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i have a 5 mo veiled chameleon and he hates to get wet when i mist his cage. i also have a water drip that is always on to supply drinking water.
but i have never seen him drink it be he does go near the drip and the leaf it lands on
my cage is keeping humidity fine so i only mist once a day for about 30 seconds. and probably only mist him for about 10 seconds then he runs away and tries to hide i am using a garden pump sprayer with warm water .

what do you all think is this ok or does he need to be wet more often
Well i use hot water to mist mine with...by the time it reaches them its just warm. Mine all love it. What is the humidity inside your cage?
I also have a 5 month old veiled cham and she's the same as yours, she won't drink and she runs away when I mist. I have papertowel at the bottom of her cage in 6 folds and this is always wet. I held her and tried dripping water in her mouth, she was not too happy about it, so I deceided to leave her alone.

With chameleons, especially young ones, I've had the best response to misting when I use 90-100F water misted from a hand-pump-up mist unit like the one in the middle of this photo. They are about $7 at Home Depot.


The one on the right-end is what I would consider the least effective style mister.

I find that the continous, not the squirt, squirt type are less stressful on the critters. Sneak-up on them, 4-5 seconds, back-off and let them settle down if they are startled, start again. After 10 minutes of this you may find that they are no longer running away and sit there getting a nice soaking. It gets easier over time.

A long time ago, I graduated to a fully automated system.
I use a mister like the one Dave linked to.

My cham doesn´t like it very much when I spray directly at her and sometimes moves away. Bur spray around your cham so the water drips in front of him. That usually triggs them to start drinking.
I also use hot water in a pump up sprayer. I bought a half gallon pesticide sprayer at Home Depot. Just fill it with hot water, pump it up and give them a good soaking mist for about 10 - 15 minutes. My guy doesn't like it at first, but he comes around and eventually hangs upside down on the top to let me spray his belly. I generally spray for about 5 minutes, then stop for a few minutes then start spraying again. Most don't like it at first, but they get used to it. You also want to make sure the plants are good and soaked so the water drips for awhile. As hempa said the water dripping is what stimulates them to start drinking. If hand misting, you want to do it 2 - 3 times a day.
i also have the flomaster sprayer they work great and they are only a few dollars more then a regular plant sprayer.
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