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I just gathered a bunch of driftwood for the new cage me and my dad started today (started to build the drain). Now I know that I'm supposed to ''cook'' the driftwood covered with aluminum foil to kill what might be alive in it. But what can I do with the ones to big for our oven?

For those interested: the cage will be 3' X 2' X 5' and made of oak plywood. Yes I'm taking pics and will be posting them soon.

Fill a 32 gallon trash can with water add 1 cup of bleach. Allow the branch to soak completely over night. Remove the branch and spray it off with the hose. Allow the branch to dry completely before placing it in the cage.

- Screameleons.com
Soak it in a bleach and water solution in a garbage pale over night weigh it down with something. Then rinse it and soak it in clean water .Don't make the solution to strong about 20% bleach 80% water. Don't forget to rinse garbage pale between soakings.
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